USPS Real Mail Notification Services

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The USPS has rolled out it’s newest direct mail services for PO Box holders.

As an early US Mail Tracking developer I take great interest in the progress from the late 1980’s until now with the USPS Barcode scanning and tracking systems.  (We have the only US Mail Tracking app in the iTunes Store)

So when I heard the Postal Service is now offering text and email announcements whenever you receive a 1st-class mail piece in your PO Box… I jumped right in.

Now I don’t need any more emails.  Nobody does! However I also hate driving to the PO Box to pick up unsolicited catalogs and non-essentials. Sure, I’m in direct mail and I like my Standard Mail too, but if I am waiting on something important it would be nice to know when it arrives.

So I followed direction and stood in line at the PO Box station counter and signed up both of my PO Boxes for Text notification services.

Where is the Future in this?

I know the USPS is trying to find the most automated way to finish the gap from the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) and the final carrier delivery.  This is likely the first step. It appears that the notice currently will be coming from the BMEU and not the PO Box branch itself so it will be interesting to watch.

With the IMB Barcode we are able to track a mailpiece as it touches every OCR along the way but after the carrier-route sort we have to estimate.  This texting service will be the next feature to fill the gap.

For more information Call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)

55 Responses to “USPS Real Mail Notification Services”

    • Khanh Tran

      We sent one small package on 12/19/2013 from Costa Mesa CA to 2715 Kenwood Ave.Richmond Virginia. VA 23228. Until now my friend did not receive it yet. Please reply let me know.

  1. adrene young

    i have a new e-mail address! But what does it has”t to do with my mail not being in my box? I have not receveid any mail in Three weeks Just a package good from isps,Joliet

  2. Maggie

    I signed up for this real mail notification and I did NOT receive an email or text notification advising me that my first class mail was in my PO Box. I don’t know why they offer services they fail in providing. No wonder they are going out of business.

    • mailman

      I haven’t been getting mine either. I went back in and they were surprised I hadn’t been. They are still not coming

    • yogi1ab

      Wait. What? FYI: “As Republicans push to privatize the post office, the [USPS] agency is now bracing for its first-ever default today [08/01/2012]. Unlike every other governmental agency, the Postal Service is required to fund 75 years of retiree health benefits over just a 10-year span.” Source: – And people wonder why the USPS is going down the drain??? Geez. Get a clue.

  3. gCam POB

    In Israel, there is a new service for POB notification which sends a picture of your POB to your email, each day there is mail. This way you can really see what is inside. Check
    The service is provided to world-wide post offices.

  4. jessica

    anyone else get a notification, and then there’s not actually mail? Like a full week after the notification and there’s still not mail? The supervisor at the post office doesn’t try to be helpful at all, he’s just like “That [real mail notification] doesn’t work”.

    • avi parash

      Maybe the problem is with the name of the service. It should have been: “You were supposed to get mail… :(”
      A new service has been proposed to USPS and was not accepted so far. If you like it, maybe with public pressure, they will agree to test it.
      The new service is being used in Israel by Israeli post office. The user gets a picture of the POB (from the inside), each day there is mail.
      See more details and examples at
      By looking at the picture, you get REAL understanding of what you got as you were there.
      Surpricingly, the cost of the service is actually cheaper than all the other methods used today.
      I wonder when USPS will agree to test it.

  5. Will

    Not getting mine since May of this year and when you ask the people that work there all they do is shrug their shoulders and doesn’t make any attempt into figuring out what is wrong with the system. I’ve called and notified the central hub’s postmaster and even called Miami’s division of consumer affairs. All which acknowledge that many people have been coming up with the same issue however no solution. They even have advertisements posting all around the post office offering this. No help what so ever. Meanwhile my partner is getting them in their location and sometimes with no mail in the box. How screwed up is this! May just have to go with UPS. At least they will not hold your packages and come up with some lame excuse as to “Your packages have been held until we get approval from the shipper” and this was delivered by UPS!

  6. D

    I closed my PO box a month ago and I still get these real mail notifications, I need to find a way to stop the daily emails from the post office.

  7. A

    I closed my PO Aug 2013 and I’m still getting real mail notifications via text messages. I told the post office. Now I have to call the regional USPS offices. Ridiculous!

  8. Gmiller

    I get my realmailnotification emails ans text whenever mail is delivered to my PO Box.

  9. Frustrated with emails

    Did anyone figure out how to get these messages from realmailnotification to stop? If so, what did you have to do? Thanks!

    • mailman

      You have to stop them at the Post Office you started them at as far as I understand

      • vin maniscalco

        closed my po box a year ago and still get notifications local p.o. has no clue

        • Marco

          You can stop these notifications by sending an email to containing the following:
          – Include the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line
          – In your email, include your request to terminate the Real Mail Notification Beta Test service, along with the email address, name, and physical address you used to register for the service
          – Your email request for service termination must originate from the same email account that is receiving Real Mail Notification messages

  10. Christine

    I got a new phone and the one I have gets these EVERY DAY and I want them stopped! How do you stop them when you don’t know anything about why they were set up and the notifications are not for YOU?



  12. Garry Wratten

    I see my concerns about Real Mail Notification have already been posted. It’s another failed government program that is not working. I have switched to a PO Box handled by a real business, FedEx print centers.

    • Steve Wilson

      OK to all of the bozos on this website including Garry Wratten, beleive me I am no fan of the postal service but you have to hold the blame at the responsible person and that is ALL OF YOU DUMMIES!!! I have Real Mail Notification and I’ll explain how to get yours. First the local post office that has your po box CANNOT set this up for you! it has to be done at the central hub where the mail is distributed from. Ask for the manager and have him fax the form for RMN to the hub where all of the mail comes to before it arrives at ypur po box .. DONE DEAL.. and FedEx is a god damn joke. I already know how low your IQ is just from a silly ass statement like that….

  13. staugustinefl

    I keep getting real mail notifications and don’t know why and there’s no way to stop it. What the deal. You can’t even reply to the text I keep getting. How do you stop the notification?

  14. Tired of Notifications

    Signed up for this service! Good luck trying to get it stopped. I moved a year ago and still getting notifications. I have been through the run around and every phone number in the book. Last time I was told I HAVE to go back to the post office I started it at. BTW, i was assured before i moved that it was turned off. Hmmm, $1000 dollar plane ticket, to get text messages stopped seems a bit unreasonable. It has been a year and no luck. Anyone?

  15. Cobbscout

    I can’t count the number of times I have received “You’ve Got Real Mail” email and when I check my box there is nothing there.

    The mail is in the boxes by 10:30 a.m. and I never received the email notice before 11. Yet, there is no mail in my box on the days I received the email notice.

    I spent >>> 1 HOUR <<< on the phone on 5/1/14 with the 1-800 number trying to get an explanation. Most of what they were "selling" was just BS. They really didn't have a clue as to what actually triggers that email message to be sent.

    I had to open a contact which they would send to my local PO. LOLOLOL The local PO to totally clueless!

    Here's the question for the Post Master General: "What actually triggers the email notification to sent?"

    And they wonder why they are soooo far in debt. geez

  16. Cindy

    I receive texts & email daily, EVEN WHEN I DO NOT HAVE MAIL. I’m sick of it. Trying to
    figure out how to turn it off.
    Not happy.

  17. Wendy Petrie

    Closed my PO box over two years ago. Just started getting these real mail notifications. Didn’t get them when I had the PO box! No wonder there was a HUGE loss of billions of dollars for this last quarter alone by the USPS. Never heard of something so ridiculous.

  18. shirlee

    I keep getting text messages saying I have mail in my po box. I’ve been getting this same the t for a year now and I don’t have a po box! Its really annoying! I called and the lady had no idea what I was talking about!! Ugh…I just want it to stop! Any suggestions??

  19. Dwight BINION


  20. Mark

    My 1 yr forwarding ended 11 months ago and still receiving Real Mail Notifications. Called th PO where I had my PO Box and they said they have not way to help me. Said there was a scam going on about this. What would be the purpose of this scam? They get nothing from it. USPS doublespeak!!

  21. rita

    I get notified via text message that I have mail in my po box. After driving 30 min. there is nothing in the box

  22. Cassandra

    Same as above. Closed P O Box six months ago and still receiving Real Mail Notifications to my cell phone. Post Office says they don’t know how to remove it. I should have removed it online BEFORE I closed my P O Box. Now it seems I’m stuck with this nuisance.

  23. Sally Smith

    Looks like a handwritten Congressional complaint is the only way to stop getting these notifications. This is harrassment.

  24. Clover Dale

    May 2015 Hamden CT 06518
    I have had the Real Mail Notification service to my email for several years. Every so often I receive Notification that I have mail in my pob and there is NO mail. The staff at my post office said they have nothing to do with this service, that it comes from another location in the state. I have just called the Post Master New Haven on Brewery St. New Haven (mail post office) and (no surprise) had to leave a voice message. Perhaps I should have waited until (and if) I get a response to my message before I wrote this. I am not hopeful that any help can be provided. And I do not pick my mail up every day but do keep track of when Notifications arrive in my email and do NOT delete until that mail is picked up.

  25. Regina

    real mail email notification was great. It stopped notifying me during April 2015. My local PO has tried to reset twice, using a new email address. I received a notification each time that the service was set up, but I had NOT received any PO box mail delivery notifications. There has been new mail in my PO box each time I opened my box even though I have not received the notifications.

  26. Doug Sprecher

    How do I stop getting USPS Text Tracking messages?

    You may text “STOP” to 28777 (2USPS) any time that you wish to stop receiving tracking messages on your mobile device from USPS. Note that if you send “STOP” to 2USPS, this stops all active Text Tracking requests for any tracking numbers where you had previously requested Text Tracking. You may text “STOP” along with a specific tracking number to stop Text Tracking responses for that number only as mentioned in the “How do I use keywords?” topic.

    Who do I contact for additional help?

    You may call this phone number to obtain additional information on USPS Text Tracking: 1-800-222-1811.

  27. Karin

    To unsubscribe from Real Mail notifications, obtain another form just like the one you originally filled out (doesn’t have to be at the same branch where you began notifications). Fill it out with all the same information you used the first time, except this time, don’t check the boxes for Real Mail Notification. Give the form to the PO clerk, or mail it. If I recall, the form was for receiving packages at one’s PO box from 3rd-party carriers like UPS and FedEx, and the Real Mail Notification was just an option included on the form.

    It should process just like a new request, and remove Real Mail Notifications. If that doesn’t work, you might try sending a simple request to


    notifications at PO BOX 254 MADISON, IL. 62060 has stopped working…WHY???

  29. Karin

    I just terminated my Real Mail Notification by emailing I just sent them the pertinent info with “cancel real mail notification” as the subject line, and a few days later (just now), I got an automated email stating the my real mail notification had been terminated.

  30. m1t0s1s

    Your best bet is to install a 3rd party text messenger app that can block or filter certain texts. They won’t be in your inbox, but they’ll still be on your phone.

  31. Maria Bolan

    I signed up for Real Mail Notification several years ago and it worked great up until a couple months ago. First i got a couple of notices that I had mail – drove 25 minutes to PO to get my mail – nothing there. When I asked the moronic lady at the counter why I got notification when I didn’t have mail she told me “You get notification when ALL the mail is put in the boxes, you don’t get notification that you have mail in your own box”. I tried my damnedest to explain to her how the service works (pathetic when an employee of the Post Office doesn’t even know how their own services work) and she just stared at me like I was some idiot and didn’t know what I was talking about. I was fuming when I left. When I got back to my office I called USPS 800 # and the lady that answered had never even heard of Real Mail Notification. WTF????????? The United States Post Office has turned into a pathetic excuse of mail service. As of the last month I RARELY get any notifications, even when I have mail. Ridiculous.

  32. t. declue

    FWIW, I signed up for real-mail notification a couple years ago and it worked beautifully by preventing me from making trips to the post office to find an empty box. However, I changed my email address and now I can’t get it re-started. I’ve talked to the workers at the general mail facility (Hub) where the PO Box is, and they don’t have forms to change the email address and don’t know what to do?! Very annoying.

  33. Keyosha Blair

    Iam trying to figure out why i been received a rmn because I don’t have a p.o. box. Could u let me know what is going on

  34. Leslie

    I closed my PO Box over 2 years ago. Was told to go to the office where box was located to get notifications stopped. I did. I’ve called, emailed, mailed – no help. Been getting notices for years, and can’t stop them.

  35. Charline C Tramel

    I no longer have a POB. I would like for these emails to STOP. How do I make this happen. It has been over two years .

  36. Makhoul

    Someone please send instructions how to cancel text notifications. Thank you.

  37. Glenn

    I appreciate having this service … keeps me informed and alert regarding expected important mail. THI SERVICE IS A GOOD THING. Thank you.

  38. mireya

    I get real mail notification everyday on my cell phone and i never signed up for this under my phone# maybe it was the last person who had this number. How can i cancel all this unwanted notifications?

  39. Joan O'Callaghan

    POBox 270115 No longer have box. Please stop emailing me.

    Thank you so much.


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