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New Postage Rates

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New Postage Rates for 2014

The First-Class stamp will be 49 cents after the new postage rates begin January 2014 The deadline for using the Full Service processing is January as well More...

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New Postage Rates for 2011

Announcing the continuation of POSTNET barcodes for automation rates beyond May 2011, the continued use of those barcodes for CONFIRM subscribers, and new pricing set to take effect April 17, 2011. More...

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PCC Lunch and Learn: Business Customer Gateway

The US Postal Service continues to modernize and automate steps to keep postage low and better serve its clients. Come learn about the new Business Customer Gateway from the US Postal Service. More...

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US Mail Postage Rates Summer Sale

The US Postal Service is having it's first 'Sale' that I have seen in my lifetime of 20 postal years. They are going to give you 30% off of your postage rates for every dollar you spent 'above your average'. More...