The Magic of Yellow and Red Direct Mail

The Magic of Yellow and Red Direct Mail

Back in the day, the largest amount of direct mail was white envelopes as far as the eye could see. Bills and 8.5×11 Letters were the majority of all First-Class mail and it was easy for direct mail marketers to stand out with a little splash of color.

First-Class mail volume has dropped dramatically due to electronic banking and electronic bill pay.  Now our mailboxes are full of color and the white envelope is the rare exception.

Yellow and red direct mailMore and more marketers are skipping the use of envelopes and mailing out full-color vibrant self-mailers like flyers, coupon books, postcards and catalogs.

So how do we compete in a colorful mailbox?  How do we OWN the mailbox that day without sending a 3d box mailer?

The answers are YELLOW and RED!

I mean, if you open your mailbox and there is a box inside… Nothing Beats Box!
(Except a Yellow and Red Box)

But once you eliminate the expense of box mailers with the cost of boxes, manual assembly and increased postage costs… A Yellow and Red Mailer owns the mailbox even more as it is more affordable and has a very similar pizazz presence.

Red and Yellow colors are programmed in us internally to mean “Emergency”, “Hurry” and “Must take action”. What better way is there to get your direct mail customers and prospects to take you seriously and give you their attention?

We all know that an envelope delivered from Fed-Ex or UPS would be taken very seriously from anyone receiving them. But the cost of mailing with Fed Ex or UPS is cost prohibitive.

However, DHL will let you use their patented Red and Yellow Envelopes and you get normal USPS flat-rates. ~That’s a Tip from your #CSGMailMan.  This valuable service saves a ton of shipping costs and gets the same effect or better due to their use of Yellow and Red.

Use “Emergency Envelopes” for your event invites.

So you’re not getting enough people to your events?  Maybe people are not taking your invites seriously?  What if you double your print and mail costs but quadruple your response rates by adding a Yellow and Red emergency envelope to the mix?  Or conversely, what if you mail half as many people but double response rates?

That is the direction smart math-minded clients are going.  Response is more important than any other aspect of direct mail including expense.  Reach for high response rates! 

Use Yellow and Red as a profitable way to draw your customers in.

Casino direct mail campaign design and database artistry

Wouldn’t it be nice if your vendor knew your lingo, knew your challenges and also knew ways to increase your response or tweak a promotion? If you were to choose between two direct mail shops wouldn’t you select the one who could do that?

At CSG Direct Mail many of us have worked in casinos, primarily in database marketing and player rewards club positions. We also have a large team of affiliates out in the field promoting our services with their consulting packages.

With all this in mind we’d like to ask: Do you need more weekday guests? Would you like to get more return trips? How about some trip and player analysis? At CSG Direct Mail we are on your side of the equation. We have the tools, staff and experience to help you find the results you need.

In essence, you’ve found the heart of the casino direct mail industry. We specialize in bounce-backs, inactive farming, tracked redemptions, barcoding, birthdays, data appending of consumer file information, uploading NCOA files and so much more.

Casino direct mail marketing is a combination of visual art and database design. In order for this to be done effectively there are seven direct mail tasks we need to accomplish with your visual art and players club data.

1) Grab
2) Interest
3) Appeal
4) Convey
5) Compel
6) Track
7) Change

These are the 7 steps of the pros, which ones are you missing?

Grab your player’s attention at the mailbox. They get piles and piles of mail. If it doesn’t grab their attention they will surely throw it out.

Interest them enough to read your offers. Your artwork needs to pop and have catchy headlines. Make them want to open your offer!

Appeal to their personal wants and desires. With our digital variable data services we can easily rotate graphics to match the interests and personalities of your players.

Convey many details in a simple easy to follow format. People don’t like to read heavy paragraphs of text. Headlines with simple bullet points and easy descriptions are what you’re shooting for here.

Compel them to respond with physical action. Have them call to reserve their spot at that very moment! Adding personalized variable maps from their home to your casino will ease the complexity of the trip.

Track how the campaign affected response. We get stuck in the mentality that we need the best mailer quick and cheap. Don’t send out 1000 mailers to guests who aren’t interested in concerts, they won’t come. Think about cost per response as apposed to cost per piece.

Change the campaign based on the data from tracking. If the campaign didn’t work, try something new and innovative. Also keep changing it even though it worked. Your guests are constantly looking for new reasons to keep coming back to you.

The brutal reality about all this is that you probably need to accomplish everything in two days timeframe with five people critiquing your work and resubmitting changes to things they already changed. Take a breath! We’re here to help!

We become part of that process with you. We are postal Mailpiece Quality Control certified and have decades of experience on proofing copy and managing tiers. We know the data that drives the whole process. We optimize casino direct mail programs daily!

At your request we can also do the entire process for you. We do everything from creating in-house data pulling tools, customer ranking and tiers, direct mail campaigns, designs and offers as well as tracking and post-forma reporting.

We want you to relax because we’re the most qualified and affordable casino direct mail team you may ever meet. We are the people that really do the work behind the scenes. Our decades of unique casino direct mail experience bring greater value to the table every day.