Recession? Are you part of the 80%?

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A dear friend of mine dropped by and was telling me stories about the job market.
I guess not everyone can be as busy as we are.  That’s a different conversation, though.

Anyway, she shared some words of wisdom that someone had shared with her and, long story short, I thought I would share them with you.  I thought it was brilliant!

During the bleakest of times in the American economy, unemployment reached upwards to 20%. So if you imagine that we could approach that historic number again, just think…  you are in the top 80% of the workers left working, aren’t you?  That’s a huge percentage.

Make sure you are!  Be a project pusher, be a deadline beater, be a team leader, be flexible, be creative, work overtime, take less pay if you have to.  Now is not a time to sit down and wait for life to deal your cards.  Deal your own cards. Step up.

Then you have nothing to worry about.

When it is time to “trim the fat” businesses are always more likely to cut slackers and people that blend in to the furniture.  Aim to be the top 20% and you should always end up in the top 80%.

Thanks, Jess!

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