New Automated ACS Services Free

ACS servicesAddress Change Service (ACS) is a trademark of the US Postal Service.

CSG Direct has built and is providing some of the newest and most cutting edge services based on our development with the USPS ACS Services.  These are so hot and new that we still consider them stage 2 beta testing services and they are free for all our customers to enjoy.

Traditionally you would have to signup for your own MailerID, plus setup and manage your own Address Correction (ACS) services with the US Postal Services.  Well we have eliminated all that hassle for you.

With our Free ACS Services, instead of getting a stack of mail returned with yellow stickers on them, you get an email instead.

We are also offering 48 month NCOA as our primary National change of Address service.  That means you will get more pieces delivered to your clients and very few pieces ever returned to you.

But when you do get a piece back….  It’s lean and green if you know what I mean.

We’re always at the front of the pack for you.  You deserve the best!

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