Idea to Stimulate the Economy

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America should loan small businesses money to fund expansion. We have good business models, let us expand them. Going through the banks is a dead-end street. Currently I think the government plan is 1 job for every $215,000 they spend. I can provide 1 job for every $68,000 invested. That’s why we try and keep the government out of the equation.

You have to cut out all these middlemen.  The government takes our tax money, wastes billions of it and $68,000 needed for 1 job turns into $215,000 to do the same job. Or they take our tax money and give it to failing banks to loan it back to us for higher interest. Why are the banks borrowing money from us and loaning it back to us at a higher rate again?

Quit giving our blood sweat and tears to middleman and give it back to us so we can do what we do best. Give the money to THE group that created the country’s wealth to begin with – entrepreneurs! After all, isn’t that directly where the jobs are coming from?

Even at the bleakest of times, entrepreneurs create jobs where there were none.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who are not. – Thomas Jefferson

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