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Direct Mailing Innovations and the best Variable Data Printing from CSG Direct Mail get you Better Results Fast. Find out how our newest innovations and decades of proven results make us the direct mailing services partner and variable data specialists you are looking for.
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Casino Direct Mail

You’ve found the heart of the casino direct mail industry. When you are required to do more-for-less you need a vendor that brings more to the table. We’re your innovative daily go-to partners for ongoing casino direct mail promotions. We optimize casino direct mail programs daily! We’re the most qualified and affordable casino direct mail team you may ever meet. We are the people that really do the work behind the scenes. Our decades of unique casino direct mail experience brings greater value to the table every day.

Direct Mail Maps

Why use a generic location map on your direct mail piece when you can have individualized maps for each person on your mailing list? Variable Maps is a variable data printing service from CSG where we create a direct mail map on the fly for every record in your database and then place that map into your direct mail piece during the printing process. At CSG Direct, we have over 2 decades in Real Variable Data: Variable Data Printing, Variable Data Coding, Randomization, Variable Data Email, Websites, and more. All of these are tools built right here at CSG Direct!

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Direct Mail Tracking for Your Smart Phone

It was only a matter of time till we put all our CSG Direct Mail Tracking tools on the iPhone. CSG Direct Mail for iPhone was released into the iTunes App Store May 7th 2010. Track every aspect of your direct mail projects with DIRECT MAIL by CSG Direct, Inc. CSG DIRECT MAIL includes Live Project Tracking from the CSG DIRECT MAIL Processing plant and Live US Mail Tracking as your pieces travel through the US Postal Service.

Variable Data Printing

At first glance database marketing could be seen as either a very vague expression or one that is very specific. Obviously in direct mail we are always using databases in our marketing but that does not really identify the same kind of service. We define the difference simply based on volume and functions used due to the volume.