Add Drive Time Distance To Your Customer Database

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A great way to segment clients is based on the drive-time distance to your business. Use Drive-Time distance to configure offers, analyze trends and find hot-spots of opportunity in your customer database.

Some of the distance, drive time and address data points we can add for you:

  • Drive Time (based on shortest route)Drive Time Data
  • Distance(as bird flies)
  • Longitude/Latitude
  • Zip+4
  • Address Verification (CASS)
  • National Change of Address updates (NCOA)

The even cooler part is we offer this as an offline bulk process or as an automated daily update to your in-house customer database.

How cool would it be to know your database is absolutely scrubbed, verified and updated daily, weekly or monthly and keeping it completely current with people moving….

Automatically, Hands-Free all year long?

This is some of the good stuff folks and the easiest 10-20% boost to your response rates.

Depending on what you need this is only .01-.04 cents per record too.

Why not have some triggered event-based direct mail and emails go out at the same time? We do that too (our primary service). These programs are getting 20% response rates all over the world for our customers.

Do you want (need) some high response marketing in your annual programs?
The answer is of course YES, and this is how we help you do it.

~just sayin

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