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2012 Mobile Barcode Summer promotion

The intent of the 2012 promotion is to build on the success of the 2011 Mobile Barcode Promotion. The Postal Service now wants to continue to create awareness of more innovative uses of mobile barcodes. More...

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Digital Printing Can Be Green!

Digital printers and presses have become much more environmentally friendly over the past few years. Most large printer manufacturers have green initiative programs for recycling parts. More...

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Nevada Business Journal talks to Michael Hemphill

Nevada Business Journal just posted Michael Hemphill in their face to face section for February 2012. What is the best perk of your career? I get to make a difference for some fabulous community businesses. More...

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Preparing Your Variable Mapping Mailpiece

Are you ready to use variable maps on your mailpiece to give your customers directions to your business? Great! Let’s learn how to set it all up to make it work! DESIGN AND SPECS Your first step is deciding exactly what you want your mailing to look like and getting...More